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One Minute Art everyday!

Scribble Away! 1. Scribble 2. Pick  up a pen 3. Grab some paper 4. Stand up and find a location where you can look down at your paper 4. Scribble for a minute or so Results: Free  yourself up from thoughts.  A  relaxing way to ease stress     […]

Healling Art for Caregivers


What is art?  Here’s a partial definition from Wikipedia. Now what does art mean in Healing Art?   We use the visual art of drawing and painting along with writing/printing to express our emotions, ideas and trigger memory for people with cognitive changes. Here’s an image that was created in 60 minutes. […]

Create Newness Healing Art for Caregivers

Create Newness!

Consider making changes in your life?  It’s really easy if you do one thing at a time and in one minute. Let’s grab paper and scribble all over it.   Use multiple colors.  ( I really like scribbling.  It allows energy to be released.).  Scribble away and then cut up the paper into a vase […]

Uplift your spirit with ART

Uplift your spirit with ART! Create Away!

I did not create  this piece of art. Nora created the art in my classes for special needs.   I love this piece. It has variety of pattern, texture and color. It’s a collage with  different parts pieced together to make a whole. Isn’t that  what life is all about,  piecing together different parts to […]

Healing Art Toxic People Project

Say Goodbye to Toxic People

Toxicity can ruin your life! Say goodbye to toxic people. Here’s a simple healing art project. We’ve done this before.   Scribble, then crumble the paper, open up the crumble then tear it into pieces and then throw the pieces away or bury them. Time to move on.   […]

Hurricanes, Winds, Floods, Disasters, Evacuations!

It’s been a long week. No blogging. Family and dogs descended upon my life and home. Evacuated from Georgia. How our lives can change with weather, family and stress. When the storm of family left my house, I turned on my diffuser to clear the turbulence of the air.  Frankincense, balance and Lavender worked, along […]

Across the Nation

So many people are being affected by fire, water, winds and more across the nation. The skies are darkening here in Charlotte, NC.   Our situation here is minor in comparison to other cities in the USA. So many weather problems, political problems and unrest. What can you do to stay calm and find some […]

Golda's Trees

Let’s look outside! Look at the positive!

No matter where you are located, let’s look at the positive. Flood waters, hurricanes, fires, all imposing their strength on you. Death, destruction out of your control. If possible let’s look for the positive. Look at the beauty of the Fall changing it’s colors. Listen to the sounds of birds. Observe the sweetness of an […]

Forever in our Hearts

Memories of Mom and Dad; Golda and Max. Together here  in San Diego, California around the year 2,000. It was party time at their independent living facility. Mom knew how to costume herself and Dad. They were the  life of the party. She became his caregiver. Where he required assistance from her and a paid […]

Red Clay Necklaces

Sharing two of my necklaces. Just playing around with red clay to make these medallions to use with drops of essential oils. To do today: find something creative to do, for at least one minute. Whatever you want. Results: frees your mind. […]

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