About Healing Art for Caregivers

In 2016, Healing Art for Caregivers started as a project to provide opportunities for caregivers to experience creating art in order to find relief from caregiving. The experience of creating art can often be imagined to be difficult for individuals who have had little or no experience with making their own art. However, with Healing Art for Caregivers people can experience creating art in a very relaxed and calm environment.  Within minutes,  ease of creating art becomes relaxing and enjoyable.

There are many benefits from creating art.

1. You can experience being in a relaxing and calm atmosphere.

2. You can find time for yourself separate from your caregiving role.

3. You can get emotional support from experienced professionals and other caregivers.

4. You can joyfully experience creating art.

5. You can emotionally benefit from  creating art.

Caregivers: Healing art gives you a chance to discover creative calm away from your responsibilities.

Clients: Expand your agencies healing support system through creating art.

Families: Explore creating art together.

Veterans:  Experience inner calm, quietness and new directions for healing.*

* Since 2012, Eileen Schwartz has been teaching Art for Veterans, a project of Flags Across The Nation.

Art for Veterans supports healing through art.  Offered for free to veterans at the McDowell Arts Center in the Town of Matthews, NC.