Art and Creativity Healing Art Stress reduction


What is art?  Here’s a partial definition from Wikipedia.

Now what does art mean in Healing Art?   We use the visual art of drawing and painting along with writing/printing to express our emotions, ideas and trigger memory for people with cognitive changes.

Here’s an image that was created in 60 minutes.

Art and Creativity Healing Art Stress reduction

Red Clay Necklaces

Sharing two of my necklaces. Just playing around with red clay to make these medallions to use with drops of essential oils.

To do today: find something creative to do, for at least one minute. Whatever you want.

Results: frees your mind.

Red clay medallions
Art and Creativity Healing Art Stress reduction

Let’s Oil Up!

I’ve so totally gotten into using Doterra Essential Oils while I create. Staying focused with InTune and Passion for increased creativity. Using on my wrists and behind my ears. Also diffusing my air with Lavender and Peppermint to add a calm. Loving this.

(I’m making medallions and beads to wear in necklaces. Will be placing drops of essential oils onto the dry clay art. Liking this sooooo much.)


Art and Creativity

Art Focus Action

Let’s think about making art and focusing. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not. We’re going to use our hand and eyes to create in the air

Find something in your kitchen that you use everyday. I’ve picked a spoon.

Study the spoon, looking at the length of the handle in proportion to curved section of the spoon.

Focus now on the shape. Take your fingers starting at the top of the spoon and move your fingers completely around the edge of the spoon.  Make that movement around the spoon again with your eyes closed.  Now create the movement without the spoon.  Do this in the air. If you want draw the spoon with a pencil or pen.

How to: this exercise will help  you to learn how to focus with your senses; touch and sight.

Results:  Perhaps you felt like you were seeing the spoon differently.  I thought this exercise helped me to intently focus.

Art and Creativity

Creating a Flower!

Flowers represent so many different things to people.

Today, my flower stands for: creativity, simplicity & aroma

Let’s take a piece of paper.  We’re going to make a flower in one minute.   One Minute Art allows you to think quickly and purposefully without attaching emotions to your activity.  Remember it’s only one minute.

1. Tear a circle out of the paper for the center of the flower

2. Tear a narrow vertical for the stem

Paper Flower

3.  Add petals and leaves by making small circles or curved rectangles.   So easy!

Art and Creativity

One Minute Art

Consider making art in One Minute.  For the past 63 days I’ve done just that. My goal was to create a habit of making art daily, no matter what.

To change a habit one needs to be consistent and persistent. So, I researched and learned that 66 consecutive days can establish a habit.

Here’s  Day 1/66 of One Minute Art.

How to: Use  your timer. Set for one minute. Use a pencil or pen and scribble on a piece of paper for  one minute.

Results: art and stress reduction and an increase of focus.






Art and Creativity

Taking Creative Action

Let’s explore seeing together as we journey along our art for healing path.

Welcome  to our Creative Action post. I’m Eileen Schwartz, the on-line co-creator of Healing Art for Caregivers.

I plan to share daily thoughts about art for healing for caregivers, the client, veterans and for those in need of healing.

You’ll read about a variety of things to do to activate healing, such as One Minute Art exercises, meditative thoughts, spiritual inspiration and stories about the creative caregiver.