Healing Art Workshops

Are you a caregiver?  Are you taking care of a parent or loved one who lives with you at home, or independently or in skilled nursing? Is your parent or loved one under hospice or palliative care? Whatever the situation, it’s time for you to have some respite time.   Have you forgotten to take time for yourself?  Join us in a small group of caregivers who need time to turn off the thoughts and explore healing through art.

( All workshops will provide participants with a sampling of essential oils to support creativity, focus, stress reduction and ease. )

Healing Art for Caregivers at Memory Care Centers and Skilled Nursing Locations for the Aging Population

Paid caregivers play an enormous role in the lives of individuals who are being cared for at home or at a paid living arrangement. Let’s take care of our caregivers with healing art workshops.  We can design a workshop specifically for your employees needs.  The nature of caregiving can bring on  both physical and emotional stress.  Let’s provide an activity that will reduce this stress, enhance life and trigger creativity.  Our Simple One-Minute Art exercises can provide your caregivers with skills that will positively impact their lives as well as their clients.

Workshop pricing varies based on time, materials used and number of participants.

Healing Art for Veterans

Explore healing through art.   Designed for veterans who are having issues with anger, stress, confusion and PTSD.  Relax your way through stress reduction while exploring art.  We provide you with a variety of art techniques that allow you to drift away from your thoughts and explore the calm energy that occurs when creating art.  No need to be concerned about past art experiences.  Beginners through advanced levels benefit with healing through art.

Caregiver Art Support Groups

Meet once a week.  Drop in to create art for an hour.  Support each other in creating art together.

Designed to create art while meeting other caregivers.   *Must attend Healing Art for Caregivers workshop before joining this group.

Smash Art

Smash away your feelings through a variety of high energy art techniques.

Release your tensions.   Explore an expressive you. Incorporate writing with your art

Two hour workshop. Take home a creation!

Paint Party

Leave your worries or concerns at the door. Bring your friends or meet new people.  You’ll create a painting with guided commands that help you create a unique – one of a kind painting. Lot’s of creative fun!

Two hour party.  Take home a painting to hang on your wall.