Healing Art Stress reduction

Open the Door to Healing!

How’d you like to open your door to stress reduction?   Let’s begin with the cause of your stress. Are you overworked, sleeping little, worried about your family, struggling at work, overweight, or just plain worn out.

I was worn out when I was my mother’s caregiver.  For a year I woke up several times during the night to, “Eileen!”   Mom lived with me.  I was was too overwhelmed by taking care of her.  I couldn’t see beyond this.  I was so tired.

Does this sound like you?  There’s support and help for you.

Sit down.  Set your timer to five minutes.  Close your eyes.  Now imagine yourself sitting on top of a mountain taking in the warmth of the sun. Feel the healing as you take in the sounds of the moment.  Can you imagine the wind whirling, birds tweeting and other sounds of nature?

Five minutes are up!  How do you feel?  Calmer? More focused? More ease? Are you smiling?   You’ve just visited nature to calm and relax  Repeat this whenever you need a moment for yourself.

How to: Close your eyes and imagine yourself on top of a mountain taking in warmth and sounds of nature.  Relax and appreciate this time for yourself.

Results: Do you feel calmer?   Will you repeat this exercise?  It’s a go to for me!  Have a great day.



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