Stress reduction

Love the Caregiver

Consider what your life would be like if you were a caregiver for someone. Not for money, but because of obligation, love or expectations.

I was my mother’s caregiver. Mom lived with me until she was 97. She died on November 4, 2016. She had lived with me since 2004. ┬áNeither of us had expected that she would have lived that long and there were times when we both talked about the end of her life and also about how she said she was ready to go. The last year and a half of her Life was extremely difficult for her as well as for me. I thought that I was dying along with her. Care giving was so tiring and emotionally draining, but I survived. I created a strong support system. ┬áSo can you.

Mom Bubbie Golda was always willing to be Playful!